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Tough decisions.

Since the beginning of my blogging journey in 2015, I’ve had a few missions in mind...

1: To show other autism families - especially those in the black / brown communities- that they are not alone on this journey 2: To share our raw story to include the good, bad & ugly 3: To educate the masses on what it is like to live in our community

Sharing has been important to me because even in 2021, there are still so many misconceptions regarding our community. I always say that if at least one person learns from my sharing, then my work is done!

Last March, the world changed for all of us. Like many of you, I was forced to work from home with Sneak right by my side as she received virtual instruction. Tap was not far as she learned from her bedroom. Distance learning is nowhere near easy for us and is even more complicated while holding down a full-time job. There are days when we are absolutely killing it and others where we tap out before 10 AM. Despite this difficulty, we made the tough decision to keep Sneak in the virtual learning environment at home while some of her peers return to the school building next month. While it has been hard on all of us, this time has not been spent in vain...

My family participated in an extremely important project, which will be shared with the world tomorrow.

I am honored to represent our community and educate others.

WE will be seen.

WE will be heard.

YOU are not alone.


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