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Good Morning Washington: Indoor Snow Day Activities with Household Items

It is always a pleasure to visit with my friends over at Good Morning Washington!

Today, "Tap" helped me present a few indoor snow day activities that you (yes...YOU!) can create with common household items!

Although snow is not in our forecast yet, the kids are on winter break. Each day, I call a "Technology Break", which means that the kids have to participate in an activity that does not involve electronics (Tablet / TV / Phone).

Before you recycle those cardboard boxes, check out my activities below!

Balloon Pong

(2 paper plates, 2 jumbo wooden craft sticks, one balloon, hot glue gun)

Ball Sorter

(Cardboard box, box cutter, colored plastic balls, markers)

Marble Chase

(Cardboard box, marbles, jumbo wooden craft sticks, hot glue gun)

Nose Match

(Cardboard box, colored plastic balls, markers, box cutter)

All of these ideas were found on Pinterest and took less than 15 mins to create!

Let me know if you make them!


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