Good Morning Washington: #Silent4Sneak Documentary

We are officially midway through the last week of World Autism Month. I must say that this is the most active World Autism Month for me, and I am closing it out with a BANG!

(But not too loud of a bang, because Sneak can’t take the noise)

I am proud to share that I was invited to discuss my #Silent4Sneak documentary on Good Morning Washington (News Channel 8) yesterday morning. I also brought along two VERY special guests: Sneak and my mother, Nanna UGG!

Unfortunately our segment was cut short due to a live high speed police chase in L.A., so I was not able to cover my #Silent4Sneak project. I did, however, to discuss the following equally important topics:

  • The definition of the autism spectrum

  • What non-verbal autism means for Sneak

  • “Inspiration Porn” or “Feel Good Autism Stories”

  • Sneak’s methods of communication

  • How I learned to communicate with Sneak

  • How Sneak shows affection

  • How Sensory Processing Disorder affects Sneak

  • My tips on interacting with Sneak

  • A LIVE introduction to Sneak

I was a bit nervous about the interview being live, as autism can be prety unpredictable, but I quickly dismissed that feeling. I asked myself, “Aren’t you trying to spread awareness / acceptance for the not-so-popular autism narrative regarding our community? Yes? Then stop worrying and slay that interview!” There was that fun element of “Will Sneak break free from our “hovering” and run on set during the live newscast?”, but thankfully that didn’t happen! Everyone from the producers to the anchor were so very sweet to us, and we look forward to seeing them again soon.

I will share my #Silent4Sneak project on the program in a few weeks, as they were kind enough to invite me back for the opportunity. For now, take a look at what autism looks like for us!

Please feel free to share this interview using the #Silent4Sneak hashtag, in order to spread acceptance for nonverbal autism.

Thank you to the Good Morning Washington family for having us!




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