Walk One Day In Our Shoes... as we enjoy a day at the beach

The last time my family took a trip to the beach, Sneak had a love / hate relationship with the sand and surf.

She hated being there and loved it when we left.

Fast forward to current times - she LOVED it! (Gotta love the "predictability" of autism, right?)

On this trip, the beach was a sensory paradise for her: *She enjoyed playing in the different textures of the sand (hot & dry vs. cool & mushy) for hours *She spent a lot of her time sitting at the shoreline as the waves washed over us *She also pressed her fingers into the hard seashells In general, she was drawn to the ocean - often leading me in and not stopping until I told her that we were too deep! (Mommy was also on the lookout for sharks!)

You'd think that as vast as the ocean is, that she'd cower at it. There was no cowering though; just relaxation and sensory play!

She also enjoyed playing with little sis - Tap, Pop Steel Toe and the rest of her family.

Do YOUR loved ones love or hate the beach?

~Sincerely, Pump

noun :a shoe that grips the foot chiefly at the toe and heel; especially :a close-fitting woman's dress shoe with a moderate to high heel

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