Walk one day in our shoes...as we visit the Pediatrician's office

Walk One Day In Our Shoes... as we visit the Pediatrician's office.

This picture was taken just before Sneak darted from her chair toward the door of the examination room.

The caption WAS going to read, "Sitting nicely at the Pediatrician's office". I was actually pleasantly surprised for a minute.

The fact is, the Pediatrician's office has always caused angst for Sneak. She hasn't received routine vaccinations since that fateful MMR dose at 15 months (another post on another day), but that doesn't make the experience any easier!

Thankfully, her Pediatrician is patient, as I still have to do a lot of coaxing and gentle restraining in order for her to undergo a routine physical assessment.

Having to stand still for the weigh in and height measurements is difficult for her. The paper "robe" that she has to change into feels like sandpaper on her. Sitting on the examination table is NOT happening because - you guessed it - the same "sandpaper" from the paper robe is lining the table. It's one big sensory overhaul!

This is all before the actual prodding and poking that comes with the exam. Once we get to that point...we are all exhausted!

Today's appointment made me seriously consider switching to a Pediatrician who specializes in treating people with special needs. *Sigh*

On the bright side, Little sis - Tap - was a huge help in calming Sneak down! That girl is full of empathy for her big sis!

How do your loved ones handle a visit to the doctors office?

~Sincerely, Pump

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