Avoiding a meltdown

Hugs & High Fives Everyone: At 8 pm, Sneak was in a pre-meltdown state. Basically, she was pretty agitated and on the verge of a meltdown, but knew what she needed to keep it at bay.

Apparently, she needed Mommy to give her piggy-back rides while singing the phrase, "DOO TEE DOO TEE DOO" over and over again. The rides were only OK from the front door to the kitchen - so she could watch us in the mirror.

If I passed the threshold of the kitchen...she jumped off and repositioned me by the front door again. I also got an extreme "side-eye" 😒 from her. (She also weighs 72 lbs and is almost my height.)

You know what? It worked!

I'll do whatever it takes to keep a meltdown at bay! The agitation is now gone and she is back to herself. I love it when we can kick autisms ass instead of having it kick ours!

What are YOU doing?


















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