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This time last year, I was stressing over the fact that Sneak was entering the 3rd grade in a new school and would be under the care of a new teacher. As the mother of a child who lives with autism and Scensory Processing Disorder, I always found myself trying to give new teachers her entire history during the short "Meet & Greet" on the First Day of School! Think "Speed Dating meets Autism".

I was preparing myself by jotting down all of the important facts about Sneak when I decided to do a quick Google search. Surely, there were other people freaking out like I was....right?!

RIGHT! That's when I found a LIFESAVER of an article that was re-posted by "Autism Daddy" (

This article helped me to formulate my thoughts in a letter form that I could simply email to the new teacher - without feeling like a lingering stalker on the First Day of School. After all, the more THEY know about our children...the better equipped they are to help them!

Below is my letter that I modified slightly for Sneak's new teacher. She and the Para-Educators in her class were happy to have it. I also gave copies to her Before / Aftercare provider as well. Check it out...modify it to suit your loved ones characteristics...and let me know if this helped you! A year later, as I update this letter for this coming school year, I'm pleased to see that my daughter has GROWN! She is now fully potty-trained and we are better managing her meltdowns. I've left my answers to the first few questions below, to give you an idea of my responses.

Again, "Autism Daddy" reposted this letter via the site below: This letter was originally posted by - By Jene Aviram. This article is property of and copyright © 2003-2007 Jene Aviram of Natural Learning Concepts. Reference of this article may only be included in your documentation provided that reference is made to the owner - Jene Aviram and a reference to this site

A LETTER TO MY TEACHER - FIFTEEN THINGS ABOUT ME: Hi, my name is "Sneak" and I am in your class this year! I want you to know a little about me, so this note is filled with information. I’m nervous to be in your class because it’s new and I don’t know what to expect. I need some time to adjust and then I will feel comfortable. Please don’t judge me on my first few weeks. As the time goes by, you will be amazed by the skills you never thought I possessed. I sometimes look like I don’t understand, but that’s just because I don’t have the same expressions and reactions as other people. I might not look at you when you talk but that doesn’t mean I didn’t hear you. I did. In fact I usually hear more than most people. As I become familiar with your classroom I will begin to shine. Written or picture schedules for the day help me understand what we will do as the day goes by. You are my teacher/Aid/Therapist and I look up to you. I want to succeed this year but I can’t do it without your help and most importantly, your belief in me that I can do it!

1. What is my general disposition? I am usually smiling, happy, and in a pleasant mood. Sometimes I can be “silly” and have the giggles. I love being active by running around, “twirling”, skipping and dancing. If I’m doing anything other than what is listed above (sad, crying, tired, etc.) there is most likely something wrong with me.

2. What am I really, really good at? With repetition, I can learn anything! Once I learn a new sign (ASL sign language) I am able to use it to make requests. I have great hand/eye coordination and that makes me good at playing balloon volleyball and catch.

3. What do I absolutely LOVE doing? Roller-skating, playing with bubbles, playing with balloons, reading books, dancing to music, swinging at the playground, jumping on a trampoline

4. What do I absolutely HATE doing? Hearing loud noises, wearing my shoes

5. What academics are my strong areas? 6. What academics do I need a lot of extra help with? 7. Which skills would my parents really like me to work on this year? 8. How do you know when I’m getting frustrated? 9. What can you do to calm me down before the storm hits? 10. Too late! The storm hit! What can you do to calm me down? 11. What strategies work really well to get me to do something I don’t want to do? 12. What typically makes me laugh? 13. What are my favorite foods/drinks? 14. Health wise: 15. Allergy Information: I would also like you to know…

Do you currently use a letter like this? Was this post helpful to you?

~Sincerely, Pump

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