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A few things about me...

Hugs & High Fives Everyone: I'm glad that you decided to walk with us on this journey! I'm sure that you don't want to walk with a total stranger (although I'm harmless), so I figured that I should share a bit of my story with you.

So - "What brings me here", you ask?

Below are a few facts about me:

1: I've always been an advocate for people with special needs. For as long as I can remember, a very wise woman (my mother) taught us to have compassion and understanding for people with special needs and disabilities. In hindsight, that very upbringing is what has prepared me for the greatest honor of my life: raising my daughter who lives with autism. Over the past few years, I've shared my "Autism Awareness" moments on my personal Facebook page. Initially, I shared these posts during the month of April only - in recognition of Autism Awareness month. After seeing that people were interested and actually learning from my posts, I began sharing those moments on a regular basis. During these moments, I explain a common trait / behavior that someone who has autism may display, then share how that trait / behavior affects my daughter. It has been my little way of teaching others about autism while spreading the message of acceptance and inclusion along the way. I will be doing the same here as well.

2: I'm a wife, mother, daughter, sister, auntie, cousin and friend. I also work full-time while managing to "keep it all together"! (At least I think that I keep it all together). It seems that I am always doing something. When I'm not doing anything...I'm planning the next thing to do! I enjoy living life to the fullest with the people I love. Since I'm not a full-time blogger, I may not be as active during the day. On the other hand, I'm a night owl, so don't be surprised by late night replies and posts. Thank you in advance for understanding!

3: I'm pretty blunt, but I mean no harm. Maybe I should say that "I'm rather direct". (Yes - that sounds better!) I have strong opinions and can also respect opposing opinions at the same time. Debate can be healthy. What I won't respect is downright nastiness toward me, followers of this page nor the special needs community as a whole. If I see it will be blocked. If you are here, I assume that like mine, your intentions are good, so Kudos to you!

4: I'm obviously long-winded. (Sheesh) *Wrapping this up*

5: It brings me joy to help people - Period! My friends and family can tell you that. If I'm blessed, I want to bless others. If they need me, I'm here for them. I've got an awesome support system! This life isn't easy for us, but we WALK through it the best way that we can. Sometimes, we RUN through it also (while chasing after our daughter - she is FAST!) The Special Needs Community is a tight-knit bunch. We already "get" each other's trials and triumphs, but now it's time for people on the outside of our community to "get it" as well.

I want to show the world just how special our loved ones are. I'll strive to show that there is no need to be afraid of what you don't understand. Every special need is different and every individual with that special need is different. My goal is that others finally see that and come to appreciate it. Our loved ones are not living with disabilities; they are living with different ABILITIES. I can't reach everyone on this journey, but I'm willing to try...

One step at a time...

(Do you see what I did there?)

Now, you'll hear more about me later on.

Tell me...what do YOU hope to see from me here?

Sincerely, ~"Pump"

noun :a shoe that grips the foot chiefly at the toe and heel; especially :a close-fitting woman's dress shoe with a moderate to high heel

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