Good Morning Washington: Back-to-School Packet Interview

Hugs & High-fives Everyone!

If you missed my live segment this morning on WJLA-TV (ABC) Good Morning Washington, the link to view it is below. This "All About Me" pack that I create for my daughter has been a LIFESAVER for us over the years!

If you are interested in seeing all of the questions that are included in the "All About Me" packet, check out my original post on this topic here:

This is truly one of my FAVORITE #BacktoSchool tips to share. I even use it with "Tap" for her teachers! Let me know if you customize your own to use!

THANK YOU ABC 7 News - WJLA for having me back to your studios. I appreciate you allowing me to share with your viewers again!

If you missed our 1st studio visit, you can view it here:

#WalkOneDayInOurShoes #BacktoSchool #DanceOneDayInOurShoes #GMW #Silent4Sneak

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