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Welcome To My Website

June 21, 2015

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Me...If someone mistreats my child with autism

August 16, 2015


Hugs & High Fives Everyone:

Do you see the subtle look of rage in this momma's eyes?

Do you see the baby cub crouching under the momma, as if they are saying, "OOOH...YOU ARE ABOUT TO GET IT!"?


Do you see the next two siblings of the crouching baby cub, also protecting their kin - as they learned from their momma?Do you see that cub on the end, looking as if they are saying, "Well - you just set my mom off, so...NICE KNOWING YA!"? Or do I just have a vivid imagination? LOL!


THIS is my family!  WE ALL FIGHT FOR SNEAK! 



(I also made one that says "Special Needs" instead of autism.)Feel free to share if your family is the same way! 





:a shoe that grips the foot chiefly at the toe and heel; especially :a close-fitting woman's dress shoe with a moderate to high heel




















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