My name is "Pump", and I am the mother of a smart, spunky, beautiful brown 15 year old girl named "Sneak". Sneak has nonverbal autism and SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) and has been the inspiration for everything that I do!


As a wife, Mother / Step-Mother and Autism Activist, Event Planner and full-time employee, I spend my spare time working to enrich the lives of other local families living with autism and other Special Needs. 

High Fives and Hugs Everyone 

The video that started it all

The WODIOS Mission is to share "Pump's" personal  journey, by having you "Walk One Day In Our Shoes" with real stories of trials and triumphs endured while raising a daughter with autism.  The mission is to continue to promote acceptance and awareness for all people living with special needs . I also encourage an open dialogue regarding current news items regarding autism, inclusion/acceptance, and other special needs interests.